November Monthly Favorites

I know we are now officially one week into December but it’s been so long since I have done a monthly favorites list that I did not want to skip another month. I haven’t been able to write a list because I hadn’t been buying much so I have had very little to talk about but in November I splurged a little and bought myself some new things. So let’s get into my monthly favorites of November.

1-Purity Face Wash by Philosophy-It is very possible that I have mentioned this product before but I’m going to mention it again because this truly is a great product. I used the last of my Purity Face Wash in October and I did not want to spend oodles of money on one product so I bought a face wash made by Simple instead because it saved me some money and I have a few of their products already; which I love. My skin completely freaked out. I had these dry red patches on my cheeks and the texture on my forehead and around my chin was completely different; it got bumpy and stiff. I bit the bullet and spent the money on Purity and in a matter of a week my skin is much improved. It’s clear and soft and silky. Sometimes it pays to spend the extra money ladies.

2-Nail Gloss by Covergirl in the shade “Emerald Blaze”-This color is so pretty; it is an iridescent green with red and gold shimmer. It is the perfect color for the holiday season.

3-E.L.F. Blush Palettes-I don’t absolutely LOVE these palettes but I am mentioning them because I think they are really nice and they have a great price tag. Both palettes have four different shades and they are very, very, very pigmented; I mean it, a little bit goes a long way. They aren’t super blendable so you can’t be heavy-handed with these blushes or you will end up looking clownish. But I think they are a very good quality for the price.

4-Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black-It is really difficult to find gel eyeliner with a good formula and the right consistency. More often than not they are either too dry and flaky or they are too watery and runny and smear very easily. They can be hard to work with and they come out looking more grey than black. But Maybelline’s formulation is soooooo good. It blends easy and it’s nice and creamy during application and it dries to perfection so there is no smudging throughout the day. This product is an absolute must if you ever want to master that perfect Adele winged eyeliner.

5-25 By Adele- Speaking of Adele, I am in love with her new album. It is so beautiful and Adele is the queen of ripping your heart out and making you feel heartbroken when you don’t even have a boyfriend. She’s just that good people. If you haven’t bought it yet I suggest you do because I have not stopped listening to it since the moment I got it.

6-Yeti Rambler Tumbler-Okay, I never thought I would spend $30 on a damn cup but honestly I am so pleased with myself that I did. My oldest brother turned me on to Yeti swearing that I would not regret the purchase and believe me when it comes to outdoor gear, he knows his shit. I bought my Yeti in August and I waited to mention it now because it would make a great Christmas gift for the gents ladies…just saying. To prove I’m not crazy…I left ice water in my vehicle late in August and the outside temperature hit 98 degrees so I’m sure it was even hotter inside the vehicle. It was out there for my entire 13 hour shift at work; when I came out the ice was still frozen and my water was nice and cold. I have no idea how that works but I swear the ice never melted. The tumbler costs that much because it’s worth that much.

7-Marc Jacobs Crossbody-Lastly, I want to give a shout out to my cousin Kelly who gave me this beautiful purse because I was so absolutely in love with my mother’s. I borrow my mom’s all the time and I couldn’t find it anywhere to buy it for myself. My cousin was the one who gave the purse to my mom; she heard me talking about it when the three of us were shopping together last weekend and she mentioned she had one of her own and she gave it to me. I am so in love with this purse and I only mention it because I’m so thankful for my sweet and generous cousin who is more like a big sister to me.

That completes my short little list of favorites for November. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Let me know about the things you have been loving recently but don’t let material items consume you, enjoy them if you can but never let it define you; we can all thrive without them.  



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