Little Girl

Once upon a time in a kingdom very near

There lived a spirited little girl with a dream so very clear

Showered by love, she would grow up right

As strong as the sun and as clever as the night

As the years did pass, the child did grow

She looked out into the world with eyes that glittered like the snow

As a young woman with only love in her heart

She stepped out into that world hoping for her adventure to start

But love was elusive and proved uneasy to find

For like an unrelenting storm people were not always so kind

The wicked years would pass her by

Her beautiful heart became heavy and she became shy

The little girl within her grew afraid of the world and everyone in it

She returned to her land feeling unfit

Ashamed and unloved she fell into despair

Turning her back to her fate and all who lingered there

Guarded by her trees her heart healed while she looked into her soul

She knew she needed something to make her feel whole

She was never meant to be loved but her heart was so ample

She spent her days with those in need of care to set an example

Sometimes she felt sadness for the things she would be without

But she knew that her heart would always spread love when she felt any doubt

She had gone looking for love while she had carried it all along

How foolish she felt for being so wrong

She learned the world is vast and there is much evil to fight

But with the love that she carries she must always try to do what is right

That little girl is still within her and her dream is still alive

Maybe one day love will find her but either way she will continue to thrive

People will claim to love her but she will always love them more

For that little girl’s heart is bigger and loving others is what she was born for


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