I start work every morning at 6:30AM therefore I have a very limited time to get ready because despite my early starts I am NOT a morning person. I usually shower prior to bed the night before and have all my makeup sitting out and ready in the morning. This is my everyday look and it is so easy to modify from day to night or to amp up if you have more time in the morning or you have somethng special going on during the day. It also transitions really well from spring/summer to fall/winter with a variation in color choices.

As always start with a clean, moisturized and dry face. If you start too soon after moisturizing your foundation will smear, if you wait too long it will be dry and flaky.




Step One: Apply your foundation, I use a Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush to apply my Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation in circular motions. Don’t forget to bring that foundation all the way down to your neck for a better blended look. (NOTE: For this look I do not use any concealer or powder)


Step Two: Next I apply Kat Von D Everlasting Face Shaper Blush in the shade Essex with the Makeup Geek Angled Stippling Brush. I concentrate the color on the apples of my cheeks sweeping my brush back toward the hairline; this particular brush gives a lot of precision and this blush is very pigmented so use caution to prevent yourself from looking like a clown. Don’t worry too much about blending at this point, blending will come with the next step.


Step Three: I apply Benefit Hoola Bronzer with a Sigma F20 Large Powder Brush. This is when I blend that blush in with the bronzer, concentrating on the outside of the face. I bronze the hallows of my cheeks my temples and my chin down to the outside of my neck to help elongate my features.


Step Four: I curl my lashes with an eye lash curler, any one of your choosing will get the job done. Then I apply Full ‘N Soft Mascara Hydrofuge By Maybelline in Very Black be sure to apply to both your top and bottom lashes for a fuller look.


Step Five: Last but definitely not least apply a deep toned lipstick. I love to apply bold lipstick with my minimal makeup look because it is what will give this basic look so much sophistication and polish. Today I am using Maybelline’s Color Sensations in Crazy For Coffee. I also really like Maybelline’s Color Sensations in Rum Riche, Deepest Cherry, Touch of Spice, Untainted Spice, Divine Wine and Lust For Blush, these lipsticks are super affordable, really beautiful and you can choose your color based on the eye shadow you wear, these shades are all very appropriate for fall. As a side note I have to say the shade Untainted Spice tends to bleed a little bit on me, but the color is really beautiful.

NOTE: If you have a little extra time you can apply some eye shadow. On an everyday basis I do not wear eye shadow unless circumstances call for slightly more sophistication. I also always bring my makeup to work with me so I can freshen up and transition my look from day to night if need be.

Day To Night:


I am going to use Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. These colors are so neutral and flattering for everyone; plus they take up very little room in the small bag I take with me day to day.

Step One: I apply the shade Naked 2 with a Sigma E40 all along the crease using windshield wiper motions. Try to be more heavy-handed on the outside of the crease than on the inside, you want to pack the majority of the color to the outside of the eyelid.

Step Two: I apply Loreal’s Infallible Eye Shadow in Bronzed Taupe using my ring finger below the crease. Using your ring finger will prevent you from applying too much pressure and with this eye shadow I find it’s easier to use my finger than a brush.

Step Three: Next I apply the shade Faint with a Sigma E45. I only apply this along the crease on the outside bringing it in no further than the center of my eyelid. I start with a harsh line and proceed to blend it out with a Sigma E25.


Step Four: I apply that same shade Faint along my lower lash line using a Sigma E20. Make sure to keep the brush tight to your lash line to avoid giving yourself raccoon eyes.


Step Five: Then I re-curl my eyelashs and apply another coat of mascara to give my eyes some more drama.

BOOM! No Makeup, Daytime Makeup and Nightlife Makeup
BOOM! No Makeup, Daytime Makeup and Nightlife Makeup

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