August Monthly Favorites

Summer is over, and I am so excited for fall! Fall is my favorite time of year. I love how the season shifts and the trees explode with color. The temperature drops and we pull out our warm cozy clothes. I impatiently wait for the September issues to hit the news stands and I immerse myself in the season’s latest fashions for weeks. I love the smell of the air and the spicy scents of fall cooking. I love the  sound of the whistles as football season kicks off. Most of all I love the dark and rich shades of the makeup trends for fall.

Essie Nail Lacquer in Smokin Hot- This time of year I like to switch my nail colors to dark luxurious shades. This fits the bill. It is a deep grayish purple with no shimmer. I did have to apply about three coats to achieve the color in the bottle; which I am not particularly happy about but it is a nice color.

realTechniques Setting Brush- I never thought I would turn my back on my Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter; which is still a great brush. But this realTechniques brush gives me so much more control and precision. I highly doubt it was intended to be used to highlight but I think it is perfect for the job.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal- These highlights are all so beautiful and I got a small sample of Opal when I bought Champagne Pop in July. Now, I find myself picking this one the most. It is this really beautiful golden bronze and it is just as stunning on the skin as it is in the compact. Champagne Pop or Moonstone are going to suit my skin tone better throughout the year because they are much more versatile for everyone but for right now, with my summer tan still hanging on I am going to wear Opal for as long as I can.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation- I may have mentioned this foundation already and that is okay because I use it all year; it is my ride or die. When Makeup Forever announced they were re-formulating I got slightly worried that I wouldn’t love it as much but I honestly can’t even tell the difference, the only thing I have noticed is that it photographs a little bit better and it seems more sheer on my skin.

Kat Von D Everlasting Face Shaper Blush in Essex- Holy Moly this blush is PIGMENTED, use it sparingly because it packs on a lot of color if you use too much. I regret t say that it is “Out of stock” on and I have owned it for a while and I bought it in my local Sephora, you may still be able to find it. It is a great color for fall because it is a really warm and rich rose shade with a slight pink iridescence but it is not shimmery; it is absolutely beautiful and so very neutral for a lot of varying skin tones.

Bed Head High Roller 1-1/4in Styling Iron- I am mentioning this because it is great for beginners. It is not expensive and it is not the greatest quality but it is a great choice for those of you who want to try the technique but do not want to invest in something of higher quality which of course will cost you more money. I would also say it would be a great choice for young girls, it comes with the heat protectant glove which I personally don’t use anymore but it could be necessary for someone until they get the hang of using a curling wand.

Miss Peregrine:s HOme For Peculiar Children By Ransom Riggs- This book has been sitting on my shelf for a long time now. I haven’t made the time to read it because I always find something else to read first. But when I read that Tim Burton would be bringing the story to the big screen I knew I had to make the time. Fun Fact: Tim Burton is my favorite film director. Currently I am only about half way though the book but the story centers around Jacob, a sixteen year old boy whose grandfather has just passed away and left behind a mystery that haunts Jacob. The book is full of intrigue and peculiarity, which I love.



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