My Favorite Things

At the end of every month, starting now, I will be posting a list of my monthly favorites. The list could include beauty products, books, jewelry, magazine articles, food, movies, songs, so on and so forth…you get the idea. It won’t always be the same every month and the only requirement really is that it will be something that has inspired me or given me a sense of excitement.
This month’s list happens to be mostly beauty products even though that may not always be the case. The lists will be in no particular order, as in 1 is my “most favorite” and 10 is my “least favorite” they will be listed at random. The list may not always contain the same amount of products. Some months it may be 2 things and the following month it may be 12 things.
I should also mention that I am, in no way, getting endorsed by any products/companies. Everything included on my list will be purchased with my own money or gifted to me by either friend or family. But I want to make it clear that my opinions are strictly my opinions, no one has paid me for my recommendations (even though they probably should, wink. wink.)
One last thing before we get to the list, it is of the utmost importance that you understand that I’m not suggesting you go out and buy these things to be a mindless consumer. I am merely sharing with you my excitement for these things. I want you to know that I truly believe that beauty must first be achieved from within ourselves in order for us to see it when we look in the mirror. No amount of makeup, or designer labels, or expensive jewelry is going to bring you happiness if you haven’t yet found it for yourself first.
Let’s Get Started:image
1) Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo-I have really long hair so I can’t wash it every day because it is very time consuming and over-washing dries out my hair too much, therefore I like to go a few days between washes. But as a brunette I have a hard time finding a dry shampoo I can actually use because more often than not the product will leave a white residue on the roots making the hair look gray, dry and dull. On blondes you don’t even see it but for brunettes it’s rather obvious. I also struggle with the odor that accompanies other products I’ve tried. Detox, however correctly absorbs into my scalp without the white residue, it smells great and it allows me to go at least two days before having to re-wash my hair. It’s a little on the pricey side but I highly recommend it.

Find it here.

2) imageColourpop Lippie Stix in Lumiere-This lipstick is a true matte finish. It has no shine, no shimmer, no frost and it stays put. Lipsticks with matte finishes are not for everyone, some people like glossy lips but I personally do not, at least not on my lips. I don’t like reapplying my lipstick, I hate lip products that smear or melt, I cannot stand sticky lips and I don’t like shiny lip gloss. I prefer my lipsticks to be low maintenance and feel like nothing more than lip balm with very little shine. I really responded to Lumiere because it is almost an exact match to my natural lip color and it just gives me a bit of polish. It’s a great color to wear year round because it is not overly dark which is never a cute look for spring but it’s also not a pastel nor a vivid shade which, in my opinion, should really only be worn in the spring/summer. Colourpop has a decent variety when it comes to both color and finish and they also make other types of products. They are an American owned and operated company so the product is made right here in the US which personally, I like to support. They don’t test on animals. Their products are very affordable and the packaging is really cute. The shade Lumiere is a collaboration between beauty vlogger, Kathleen Lights and Colourpop and the color was inspired by Kylie Jenner, who has brought back that dark/matte lip trend that was first popular in the 90’s.

Find it here.

3) Bed Head After Party by TIGI-Full Disclosure: I stole this product out of my mother’s bathroom closet. I originally bought it for her but I’ve been having trouble with dry ends after applying heat to my hair lately so I decided to give this product a try. I love it! The front of the bottle says “smoothing cream for silky, shiny, healthy looking hair” and I would have to say it delivers exactly what it promises. I apply this product on my ends after styling my hair with a curling wand and it gives my hair a shiny healthy glow without weighing it down or making it look and feel greasy or sticky. Plus it smells nice!image

Find it here.

4)image Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten-This cheek luminizer is not a new product for me I have owned it for a while and I guess I sort of forgot how much I liked it. I started using it again recently because I just got back from vacation so my skin is a little darker than it would normally be this time of year. This shimmer duo has two shades of highlighters, one which is pink in tone and the other is a little bit more bronze, both of which look absolutely gorgeous on the skin. That makes it a great product all year round because in the winter when your skin is a little lighter you can use the pink shade and during summer when you have a bit of a tan the darker shade is ideal. It comes in a compact that is very lightweight and thin making it easy to travel with. Both of these shades could be repurposed as eye shadows too, which yes, I’ve done.

Find it here.

5) Smashbox Step-by-Step Contour Stick Trio-I know most people do not contour their face and even if they do they probably don’t do it every day, I know I don’t. But if you’re the type of person that does, this product will save you loads of time. These sticks have a great creamy consistency which makes them extremely blendable, making the job much easier. Like I said contouring isn’t for everyone but if it’s something you’d like to try this product would be great for a beginner and it also comes with a handy “how to” booklet. I’m not going to lie they are expensive and when I first bought them I cringed but now I know it was worth the money.image

Find it here.

6) NYX Blush in Mauve-These blushes are super affordable and normally I’ve only been able to find them at Ulta but recently I saw that Target has started selling all NYX products. Lately I’ve been wearing a minimal makeup look and this blush is quite subtle and gives a slight kiss of color on the cheeks. The packaging is simple and lightweight, making it too convenient for travel.

Find it here.

7) Full N’ Soft Waterproof Mascara by Maybelline-I would not recommend this mascara for a full smoky eye or any other dramatic eyeshadow look but it’s perfect for days when you just want to brighten your eyes and look more awake but you don’t want to go full “cake face”. I have been wearing this mascara on a day-to-day basis for weeks now and I think it performs perfectly. It’s also a great transitional mascara, meaning you can take it from day to night because it doesn’t make your eyelelashes stiff and clumpy like most mascaras do, so you can apply extra coats at the end of the day to build it up for a more dramatic look.

Find it here.

8) Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette by Tarte-Oh. My. Gosh. I am in love with this palette. These colors are so beautiful, so versatile, so blendable and they are all matte shades which means no glitter and no shimmer. In my experience almost all shimmers and some matte shadows flake off the eyelid and settle into the fine lines under the eye making a person look haggard and tired. These shadows stay put and in the upright and locked position. I bought this palette to try it for my mother because in my opinion women with mature skin should never be wearing eye shadows with shimmer for the reasons I’ve already stated. For an older woman who is already struggling with the skin around the eyes starting to sag, shimmers will emphasize that even more and no one, not even young people should be drawing attention to the bags under their eyes, that’s just not sexy and no one can pull off that look. This palette is great for traveling because the packaging is sleek and it has all the essential neutrals all women should have in their arsenal. It has a few purple shades too which look beautiful on all eye colors but for the ladies with brown eyes, purple shadows will make your eyes really shine.image

Find it here.

9) Fated by Benedict Jacka-Every month my book club picks a new book, obviously. This month we read Fated by Benedict Jacka. The story takes place in London where the main character Alex Verus owns and operates a magic shop with the help of his somewhat apprentice Luna. But Alex isn’t some mundane human, he’s a mage with the ability to look into the possible future. The story gets interesting when Alex is approached by several parties to use his powers to open an ancient relic thrusting Alex back into the magical world that he has spent many years running from, and with good reason. This series is very similar to the Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher, same genre, same wit and both are intriguing and suspenseful. I liked this book so much that I immediately started reading book two in the series.

Find it here.

That concludes this month’s favorites list. If you decide to try anything on the list I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I’d also love to hear from you guys so, if you have any recommendations for me or if you want to share what you have been loving this month just comment below.


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